Hi there!

Hi there!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tomorrow I will be on a plane to Roma! I just realized today, how unprepared I am. I haven't really done too much laundry, made a packing list or anything or that nature. I am kind of ok with that. I did get a fresh spray tan though, don't worry. 

I am most excited about trying to find the best rooftop bar to sip vino before dinner and watch the sunset. I love being where the locals are. I know we will all still stick out like tourists, but it is still a challenge to try to fit in. =) I am blessed to have four great friends to experience this trip with. I simply cannot wait!

Additionally, not working for 7 days will be pure bliss. There is absolutely no way work can get in touch with me. None at all. This is pure joy for me. I am sure the office will shut down without me anyways, I hold this place together, like nailing jello to a wall.

Both dogs will be staying with some good friends Katie, Travis, Kingston, and Bella. 
I have no idea why they are so excited to babysit our dogs. I mean they have met them... However, they kindly offered, and I know they will take good care of them.

To end this post, I will post a list of my favorite italian words:

1. bicicletta
2. mangia
3. uomo
4.  papa
5. sparca
6. asciugamano
7. cavallo
8. gioiella
9. vindici
10. vino

Buno notte il mio amore =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nappy Roots and Rhinoplasty

Missed my hair appointment on Monday because I was hiding out in the bathroom at work from the "tornado." Having grown up in Oklahoma, I should be used to the tornado drills. At any rate, rescheduled aforementioned hair appointment for today at 5:30. Mind you, I get my hair colored every four weeks. Some say high maintenance, I say routine maintenance. I am very picky about the color of my hair, and the moment a root starts to show, I'm ready to be in that chair with foils on. Now, this hair appointment on Monday which I missed was already a reschedule from my recent trip to Antlers, OK. So today, I am going on about 5.5 weeks with no color touch up. Very stressfull situation. The only thing stressing me out more is the recent nomination of Elena Kagan (more on that another time). So I was going to be a rebel, and leave work early. At 5. I really can justify this because it is Wednesday and I haven't taken a lunch anyday this week... Justified or not, it has to be done. Well, about 1.5 hours ago, JLo informs me that our boss will be rolling into town this afternoon. Damn the luck. This is the one situation that is going to prevent me from getting my hair colored tonight. I am thoroughly dissapointed. 

In other news, why didn't I buy pet health insurance. My dog's go to the vet more than I get my roots done. Margot Polo has been three times for this cough she has been battling. The most recent time, Dr. 90210 confirmed what he said during her early months, "the dog will need a rhinoplasty." Now, the first time I really thought he could be kidding, or maybe getting the rhinoplasty was something he tells every new pet owner to downplay all the other expenses they get you for at the vet on a routine visit. No, no, he really thinks in about 6 months M.P. a/k/a Heidi Dogtag will need a nose job. I guess her nasal passageway is to small to allow for an adequate amount of air to flow through, resulting in breathing problems, etc. etc.  I guess I will forego paying for myself to have any kind of work done, maybe a facial, peel, eyebrow wax... My dog's gettin plastics.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mom's day to my mom, Vicki. She is just as pretty and sweet today, as she was in this picture. I am a lucky girl! Love ya mom!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am a sucker for all things "for sale." I am any store clerk's favorite consumer. I can be talked into purchasing a turd on a stick, and go home feeling like I just took a hit off the euphoria pipe. Seriously though, some people view my impulsivity as a negative. I probably should view it the same. However, it makes for some interesting buyers remorse.  Alas, once in a blue moon, I feel proud of myself for making the bold purchases that I did. Here is an example

 Origins: Modern Friction. This is an exfoliator/peel/micro derm in a jar. It is spectacular. I encourage anyone with a face to use this. 


Thursday, April 29, 2010


My bestie at work, JLo, and I text all the time.  Usually at the end of the day about something that happened at work, and ALWAYS before work. We do this because of our work environment, and the importance of being prepared for anything and everything that may happen. For instance, he may need to remind me to "not look ugly" or I may need to remind him to "spray tan."  At any rate, we are frequent texters. 

Lately we have been switching off getting coffee or tea at SBUX of a morning. (as mentioned before, we are besties) So this morning, I return home from bootcamp, and run into the bathroom to get into the shower like I do every morning. (I like routines) I take extremely quick showers, mainly because I strongly feel I am ADD, and I get bored. I bounce out of the shower, and hear my text signal. Its JLo- "just got to the office" he says. WTF! Its 6:52 in the morning. We don't have to be at work until 8:30. (actually 9:00 according to the employee manual, but no one follows the manual). One hour and thirty eight minutes early. I would call this overachieving. By no means would I consider myself lazy, or an "underachiever", I simply believe I am "on par." Being on par is awesome. Why the hell would I want to walk into work an hour and thirty eight minutes early, when I know I am going to be staying late. JLo and I stay late alot at work, and this really doesn't bother me. I would prefer to do my overachieving at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning.

By the time I get to work (at 8:30), JLo is happily working away in his office. I walk in to discuss our upcoming trip to Antlers. He insists we leave at 6:30. Leave from the office at 6:30! Holy Moly! My suspicions are confirmed, he is an overachiever. Probably always has been and always will be.  This creates a conundrum for me. Should I start trying to overachieve? Is his overachieveness going to make me look like an underachiever, or will people realize I am achieving at the correct level. It wouldn't be called overachieving if you were achieving just the right amount. 

Now I start thinking of all the overachievers from HS and College, and Law School. This leads me to a little story I like to call "Dyke Bank." Yes, it was a nickname of someone in law school, which my friend KP and I gave someone from our class. DB liked to overachieve and shoot that hand up before each question could even finish spilling out the professors mouth. I mean, even if I wanted to answer the question, which I never did, simply because I didn't want people to hate me for being soooo smart. I mean I'm sure everyone thought I was probably 1 or 2 in the class, so why keep rubbing it in. Anyways, DB shot the hand up every time, it was truly amazing, and regretfully, probably one of the reasons DB and I never got as close as I knew we could.  

I bring this blog to a close because I just received a text from JLo, and now I feel guilty.  


Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Buona Pomegiatta! Congratulations to my dear friend Christina on her graduation from Nursing School. I guess those four years on the Dean's List in Accounting at OSU just wasn't enough for you =) Christina and I became friends our Sophomore year of college when she transferred from Nebraska. I suspect we will remain friends for a very long time. She is one of the most thoughtful,  intelligent, kind people you will ever meet. At first, I wasn't sure if she would like nursing, she will be the first to admit how pampered she is. But she does have a big heart, and a thing for doctors so I think she will be great! I would love to be sick and have someone as pretty and nice as Christina taking care of me. I, along with two of my other friends from college, will be traveling to Kansas City for the weekend to witness this event. I suspect since it is somewhat related to college, the aroma of frat parties and jello shots will be in the air, and we will likely treat this weekend just like any other college weekend. =) Cheers!

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 2010

Its funny how many things can change in just a year. A year ago today I was an energetic graduate student, and still a proud resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had only one pup of a pet. Today, I am a real adult with a real job, and real worries, one large learning disabled dog, and one shrimp of another dog. However, when I think back and reflect on my life a year ago, and compare it with today; I figure the same things still make me happy, so not that much has really changed. Reflecting on what truly makes you happy, and what really makes you feel at home brings some perspective, and comfort. Everyday when I'm driving home from work, I look forward to hugging my doggies, (or maybe having them attack me), seeing my husband discussing our days, and getting the mail of course (ever since I was 4 and my mother allowed me to leave the house by myself, I have always enjoyed fetching the mail. Getting the mail brings that sense of excitement I think those who are addicted to heroin might feel) At any rate, since I haven't blogged since October, thought I would start with a short and sweet one. Life is good, friends are great, wine can cure almost any ailment. Ciao! (I will be inserting one Italian phrase into any blog I post until I return from Italy. I am trying laboriously to learn the Language of Love...)