Hi there!

Hi there!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tomorrow I will be on a plane to Roma! I just realized today, how unprepared I am. I haven't really done too much laundry, made a packing list or anything or that nature. I am kind of ok with that. I did get a fresh spray tan though, don't worry. 

I am most excited about trying to find the best rooftop bar to sip vino before dinner and watch the sunset. I love being where the locals are. I know we will all still stick out like tourists, but it is still a challenge to try to fit in. =) I am blessed to have four great friends to experience this trip with. I simply cannot wait!

Additionally, not working for 7 days will be pure bliss. There is absolutely no way work can get in touch with me. None at all. This is pure joy for me. I am sure the office will shut down without me anyways, I hold this place together, like nailing jello to a wall.

Both dogs will be staying with some good friends Katie, Travis, Kingston, and Bella. 
I have no idea why they are so excited to babysit our dogs. I mean they have met them... However, they kindly offered, and I know they will take good care of them.

To end this post, I will post a list of my favorite italian words:

1. bicicletta
2. mangia
3. uomo
4.  papa
5. sparca
6. asciugamano
7. cavallo
8. gioiella
9. vindici
10. vino

Buno notte il mio amore =)

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  1. Have so much fun. I wish we could go with you!!!